11th Jan, 2009

Tree Planting

A tree for Tent of Nations to keep hope alive

Join us in planting 3000 Olive and other trees – let us together make Daher’s Vineyard more green.

Tree Planting
Why do we plant trees?

  • Planting trees is a sign of hope for peace and justice in our region.
  • Planting trees is a symbol of solidarity with the people
  • Planting trees is a symbol of life to the Tent of Nations project, which seeks to bring people of various cultures together to build bridges of understanding, reconciliation and peace.
  • Planting trees is a way to keep Daher’s vineyard “the Nassar Land” green and prevent it from the danger of confiscation.

When do we plant trees? Beginning of January until the end of March every year.

What kind of trees are we planting? Beside olive trees – symbol of Peace, Prosperity and Wisdom – we are planting grapes, almonds, figs and others.

We invite you to participate in this tree planting campaign by sponsoring a tree at a cost of  £10 each.  You can donate online by going to www.foton.org.uk/donate Even better, we invite you to visit the Tent of Nations, and plant a tree yourself. We look forward to your support in keeping hope in Palestine alive.

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